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Aspose.Email for Java 22.4 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILJAVA-35045Graph client - reading unread messagesFeature
EMAILNET-40564Provide correct Description of Appointment regardless of the order of properties Description and IsDescriptionHtml.Enhancement
EMAILNET-40578Attachment name for non ASCII character is incorrect after EML to TXT conversionBug
EMAILNET-40588Performance issue while loading EML messagesBug
EMAILNET-40585Issue with To and From emails while loading MSG with MsgLoadOptionsBug
EMAILNET-40580Application hangs while ListFolders by Graph client.Bug
EMAILNET-40579IMAP System.FormatException is thrown by Client.FetchMessageBug
EMAILNET-40573Regression: An appointment extracted (.msg) from PST cannot open in Outlook 2016Bug
EMAILNET-40572Regression: Messages extracted from a PST have additional bits in their SubjectBug
EMAILJAVA-35035ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown while loading EMLBug

New Features

Enumerating Messages with Paging Support using Graph Client

The API provides the paging and filtering support for listing messages. This is very helpful where the mailbox has a large number of messages and requires a lot of time for retrieving the summary information about these. Example usage of this enhancement can be seen below, List Messages from Exchange Server using IGraphClient:

// send ping test messages
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
    MailMessage eml = new MailMessage(user.EMail, user.EMail, "ping" + i, "test body");
// waiting for inbox

// paging option
int itemsPerPage = 2;
// create unread messages filter
GraphQueryBuilder builder = new GraphQueryBuilder();
MailQuery query = builder.getQuery();

// list messages
GraphMessagePageInfo pageInfo = client.listMessages(GraphKnownFolders.Inbox, new PageInfo(itemsPerPage), query);
GraphMessageInfoCollection messages = pageInfo.getItems();
while (!pageInfo.getLastPage())
    pageInfo = client.listMessages(GraphKnownFolders.Inbox, pageInfo.getNextPage(), query);
    // add next page items to common collection

// set messages state as read
for (GraphMessageInfo message : messages) {

Changes in the setting of the X-ALT-DESC header in ICS file

We introduced a separate HtmlDescription property instead of the isDescriptionHtml property to set the X-ALT-DESC header.

Date startDate = new Date();
Appointment appointment = new Appointment("Bygget 83",
        startDate, // start date
        addHours(startDate, 1), // end date
        new MailAddress("", "Tintin Strom"), // organizer
                new MailAddress("", "Aina Martensson"))); // attendee
        + "     <style type=\"\"text/css\"\">\n"
        + "      .text {\n"
        + "             font-family:'Comic Sans MS';\n"
        + "             font-size:16px;\n"
        + "            }\n"
        + "     </style>\n"
        + "    <body>\n"
        + "     <p class=\"\"text\"\">Hi, I'm happy to invite you to our party.</p>\n"
        + "    </body>\n"
        + "    </html>");