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Aspose.Email for Java 24.6 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILNET-41340Add .Abort/.Cancel methods for long-running operationsEnhancement
EMAILNET-41365Error while load .vcf fileBug
EMAILNET-41367A problem with the FindAndExtractSoftDeletedItems methodBug
EMAILNET-41363PGP encrypted MSG to MIME corrupted conversionBug
EMAILNET-41357High memory usage while sending/receiving messages using smtp/imap clientBug
EMAILNET-41358‘From’ MSG to MIME conversion issueBug
EMAILNET-41355Incorrect information when convert vcf to Distribution ListBug

New Features

Canceling Split Operations in MboxStorageReaderClass

Members for Java Version

  1. splitInto(long chunkSize, string outputPath) - Splits the Mbox storage into smaller parts based on the specified chunk size.

  2. splitInto(long chunkSize, string outputPath, string partFileNamePrefix) - Splits the Mbox storage into smaller parts with a specified filename prefix for each part.

  3. cancel()

    • Description: Interrupts an ongoing split operation.

Code Examples

MboxLoadOptions lo = new MboxLoadOptions();
MboxrdStorageReader reader = new MboxrdStorageReader("source.mbox", lo);
reader.setMboxFileCreatedEventHandler(new NewStorageEventHandler() {
    private int partCount = 0;
    public void invoke(Object sender, NewStorageEventArgs e) {
        if (partCount >= 5)
reader.splitInto(1000000, "outputPath");