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Aspose.Email for .NET 17.12 Release Notes

Major Changes

Support for .NET Standard 2.0

Starting from 17.12 release, the API now includes .NET Standard 2.0 version. It has full functionality of standard .NET Framework except the following limitations:

  • Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayer namespace is not available
  • Aspose.Email.Windows namespace is not available
  • Aspose.Email.Printing namespace is not available
  • Linked images into message body in both RTF as well as HTML format are not supported
  • It also has no functionality of Signing or Encrypting/Decrypting messages
  • Aspose.Email under .NET Core will work only with servers that implement at least TLS 1.0. Some servers (like Gmail) support both SSL and TLS. Aspose.Email can force them to use TLS.

Merged Xamarin APIs

Staring from this release, Aspose.Email for Android via Xamarin, Aspose.Email for iOS via Xamarin and Aspose.Email for Mac via Xamarin have become part of Aspose.Email for .NET. There are no breaking changes.

Other Improvements

EMAILNET-38873Task and contact attachments converted to EMLEnhancements
EMAILNET-38774Processing attached encrypted messagesBug
EMAILNET-38867HTML data/links not set properly in contact bodyBug
EMAILNET-38875Formatting lost while converting EML to XPSBug
EMAILNET-38877Attachments in EML file not detected by APIBug
EMAILNET-38880MSG to MHTML removes line spacesBug
EMAILNET-38882MSG body Text formatting different than the source HTMLBug
EMAILNET-38872Converting EML to MSG calendar Item shifts date by local time differenceBug
EMAILNET-38876Outlook raises exception while loading MSG file converted by Aspose.EmailBug
EMAILNET-38871ICS raises exception while opening fine with MS OutlookBug

Added APIs

Method Aspose.Email.Mapi.MapiContact.SetBodyContent(String, BodyContentType) Property Aspose.Email.EmlSaveOptions.PreserveEmbeddedMessageFormat