Aspose.Email for .NET 20.8 Release Notes

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EMAILNET-39867Support for IDN email addressEnhancement
EMAILNET-39897Slow PST Message Extraction due to large recipient countEnhancement
EMAILNET-39883Wrong Body and HtmlBody in resultant MailMessage at ImapClient FetchMessage method with ignoreAttachmets = trueBug
EMAILNET-39899Return empty attachment names while fetching emails with attached messages from serverBug
EMAILNET-39900Outlook text colors are not preserved in the converted messageBug
EMAILNET-39904Text wrapping issues of Email header in MHTMLBug
EMAILNET-39879IndexOutOfRangeException when sending an email with the new Graph clientBug
EMAILNET-39894Attachment names containers newline and carriage return after upgradeBug
EMAILNET-39895Useless attachments listed after upgrade to Aspose.Email 20.6Bug
EMAILNET-39893MapiMessage string encoding issueBug
EMAILNET-39819NegativeArraySizeException when iterating messages in NotesStorageFacilityBug