Aspose.Email for .NET 21.1 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILNET-40027Email client authentication customizationFeature
EMAILNET-40025EWSClient, support for CalendarViewFeature
EMAILNET-40010MSG extraction from PST: Object reference not set to an instance of an objectBug
EMAILNET-40030Use TFM file naming conventions to simplify project filesBug
EMAILNET-40019Special characters breaking in appointmentsBug
EMAILNET-40023Pictures inserted (AttachMethod = 6) in MapiJournal cannot be displayed normallyBug
EMAILNET-40020The body (BodyContentType.Rtf) of mapijournal in pst cannot be displayed correctlyBug
EMAILNET-40021Parsing the Outlook Email message streamBug
EMAILNET-40064Conflicting dependencies in Nuget updateBug

New Features

Email Client Authentication Customization

We have added the ability to authenticate to an SMTP, POP or IMAP server using a specific authentication method. This allows you to set the authentication method for the mail client explicitly.

ImapClient.SupportedAuthentication, Pop3Client.SupportedAuthentication, SmtpClient.SupportedAuthentication - Gets enumeration of supported by server authentication types.

ImapClient.AllowedAuthentication, SmtpClient.AllowedAuthentication, Pop3Client.AllowedAuthentication - Gets or sets enumeration of allowed by user authentication types.

Code sample:

imapClient.AllowedAuthentication = ImapKnownAuthenticationType.Plain;
pop3Client.AllowedAuthentication = Pop3KnownAuthenticationType.Plain;
smtpClient.AllowedAuthentication = SmtpKnownAuthenticationType.Login;

Returning the Recurring Calendar Items Within the Specified Date Range

Now, EWSClient supports the return of the recurring calendar items within the range specified by StartDate and EndDate.

The following API has been added:

  • AppointmentQueryBuilder.SetCalendarView(DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate, int maxEntriesReturned) - If the CalendarView is specified, the service returns a list of single calendar items and occurrences of recurring calendar items within the range specified by StartDate and EndDate.
    maxEntriesReturned - Describes the maximum number of results. (Value <= 0 for all results).

Code sample:

ExchangeQueryBuilder builder = new ExchangeQueryBuilder();
builder.Appointment.SetCalendarView(DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now.AddMonths(1), -1);

Appointment[] appointments = client.ListAppointments(builder.GetQuery());