Aspose.Email for .NET 21.2 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILNET-40088Improve Imap.ThreadGrCommand to get threads list for GMailEnhancement
EMAILNET-40084Error loading folder by its EntryIdStringEnhancement
EMAILNET-40055Getting modified date OPFMessageCopyModDate for message in OLMEnhancement
EMAILNET-40075Aspose.Email failed with exception when deployed in UWP ProjectBug
EMAILNET-40107Body Text of MSG File looks different from how it looks in OutlookBug
EMAILNET-40115The ContentID cannot contain a ‘<’ or ‘>’ characterBug
EMAILNET-39978Aspose email gives an error on usingBug
EMAILNET-40043Outlook Task / TaskRequest in EML format shows MessageClass as “IPM.Note”Bug
EMAILNET-40093EML loading is getting stuckBug
EMAILNET-40063Fix IEWSClient.CreateNote methodBug
EMAILNET-40085Fix IEWSClient.UpdateContact methodBug
EMAILNET-40128Wrong inline attachment name after EML to MSG conversionBug
EMAILNET-40125MailMessage.HtmlBodyText in Aspose.Email 17.9 and Aspose.Email 20.10Bug

New Enhancements

Getting Message Modified Date in OLM

An OlmMessageInfo.ModifiedDate property has been added to get the message modified date.

Code sample:

foreach (OlmMessageInfo messageInfo in inboxFolder.EnumerateMessages())
   DateTime modifiedDate = messageInfo.ModifiedDate;