Aspose.Email for .NET 21.3 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILNET-40117Issue while sending Bulk emailsEnhancement
EMAILNET-40157Implementation of FindPeople Method to find all persona objects that match a specified query stringEnhancement
EMAILNET-40143Add LinkedResource.ContentDisposition propertyEnhancement
EMAILNET-40139PersonalStorageQueryBuilder.Text property doesn’t work for pstEnhancement
EMAILNET-40131Improve error handling for ImapClient.StartMonitoring methodsEnhancement
EMAILNET-40075Aspose.Email failed with exception when deployed in UWP ProjectBug
EMAILNET-40163MSG to HTML - Text color is wrongBug
EMAILNET-40129Error calculating Yearly RecurrencesBug
EMAILNET-40136MailMessage.HtmlBodyText returns excess line breaksBug
EMAILNET-40146Exception on sending email using GraphClientBug
EMAILNET-40150Invalid MailMessage boundaries after Load and SaveBug
EMAILNET-40148Getting a predefined folder throws ArgumentNullExceptionBug

New Enhancements

Getting information about bulk messages sent

When you send messages in bulk, you can get an information about the number of successfully sent messages and moreover, it is possible to get a list of these messages. A new SucceededSending event was added to SmtpClient for this purpose.

Code sample:

using (SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient(host, SecurityOptions.Auto))
    int messageCount = 0;

    client.SucceededSending += (sender, eventArgs) =>
        Console.WriteLine("The message '{0}' was successfully sent.", eventArgs.Message.Subject);


    Console.WriteLine("{0} messages were successfully sent.", messageCount);

LinkedResource.ContentDisposition property

A LinkedResource.ContentDisposition property has been added to get Content-Disposition header.

Code sample:

MailMessage eml = MailMessage.Load(fileName);
eml.LinkedResources[0].ContentDisposition.FileName = "changed.png";