Aspose.Email for .NET 23.1 Release Notes

All Changes

EMAILNET-40906Add properties in MboxMessageInfo classEnhancement
EMAILNET-40932GraphClient not populating RecipientsBug
EMAILNET-40914Error in getting Task itemsBug
EMAILNET-40905PersonalStorage.SplitInto throws Generic.KeyNotFoundExceptionBug
EMAILNET-40930Saving contact in all formats will render the characters not correctlyBug
EMAILNET-40924Not well preserving digital signaturesBug
EMAILNET-40909Fetch message through Microsoft Graph has wrong charsetBug
EMAILNET-40931Saving ics in mhtml will render the plain text body instead htmlBug
EMAILNET-40922MapiCalendar not honouring MAPI properties when generating MIMEBug

New Features

Retrieving message properties from MboxMessageInfo

We have added the following properties to MboxMessageInfo class:

  • DateTime Date - Gets the date of message
  • MailAddress From - Gets the from address
  • string Subject - Gets the message subject
  • MailAddressCollection To - Gets the address collection that contains the recipients of message
  • MailAddressCollection CC - Gets the address collection that contains CC recipients
  • MailAddressCollection Bcc - Gets the address collection that contains BCC recipients of message

Code sample

MboxStorageReader reader = MboxStorageReader.CreateReader(fileName, new MboxLoadOptions());

foreach (var mboxMessageInfo in reader.EnumerateMessageInfo())
    Console.Writeline($"Subject: {mboxMessageInfo.Subject}");
    Console.Writeline($"Date: {mboxMessageInfo.Date}");
    Console.Writeline($"From: {mboxMessageInfo.From}");
    Console.Writeline($"To: {mboxMessageInfo.To}");
    Console.Writeline($"CC: {mboxMessageInfo.CC}");
    Console.Writeline($"Bcc: {mboxMessageInfo.Bcc}");