Aspose.Finance for .NET 22.4 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

FINANCENET-115Can not generate typedMember elementBug
FINANCENET-116Use the original namespace prefix when generating files instead of regenerating the prefixImprovement
FINANCENET-119Fix the bug that concept gets the wrong XbrlNamespaceUriBug
FINANCENET-135Improve xbrl to html report featureImprovement
FINANCENET-137Issue when setting embedded license to ‘Produce Single file’ in .NET 6.0 applicationBug
FINANCENET-138XBRL Parser is not picking up detailed fact/node data but only hi level dataBug
FINANCENET-142Improve xbrl schema parser handlerImprovement
FINANCENET-143Improve xbrl schema download to support tls1.2Improvement
FINANCENET-144Add Items property in XbrlInstance classImprovement