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Aspose.Font for C++ 20.9 Release Notes

Aspose.Font for C++ has been launched!

We are pleased to announce the launching of Aspose.Font for C++. It is a C++ API that allows working with font files without the need of any other software application to be installed. Using Aspose.Font for C++ API, you can develop C++ applications that can load and save multiple font formats such as TrueType (with TrueType collectons), CFF, OpenType, and Type1. It lets you focus on the business logic without worrying about the underlying font formats.

Aspose.Font for C++ can read encoding information for all the supported font types. This represents a mapping between character codes and glyph identifiers. The API’s rendering subsystem allows you to render any desired glyph or text. In addition, special glyphs can be rendered by implementing interface using the simple graphics functionality (move point, draw line, curve).

Got Queries?

If you have any query related to Aspose.Font for C++ API, please feel free to write to reach us on Aspose.Font forum. We’ll be glad to assist you with your inquiries.