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Aspose.Font for Java 22.10 Release Notes

Support for copying composite glyphs in TrueType font converters has been added.

Support for metered license has been added.

FONTNET-412Added support for copying composite glyphs in TrueType font convertersNew Feature
FONTNET-453Optimized size of the ‘cmap’ table with format 12 for TrueType fonts created by font convertersNew Feature
FONTNET-386Added support for metered licenseNew Feature
FONTNET-439Fixed bug with incorrect size for table ’loca’ when converting some fonts to ‘woff’ formatBug
FONTNET-405Fixed bug with GetGlyphsForText method returning glyphId incorrectlyBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

Added APIs

  • Type com.aspose.font.FontFactory
  • Method com.aspose.font.FontFactory.#ctor
  • Method
  • Method,byte[])
  • Method,com.aspose.font.StreamSource)
  • Method,java.lang.String)
  • Type com.aspose.font.Metered
  • Method com.aspose.font.Metered.#ctor
  • Method com.aspose.font.Metered.getConsumptionCredit
  • Method com.aspose.font.Metered.getConsumptionQuantity
  • Method com.aspose.font.Metered.setMeteredKey(java.lang.String,java.lang.String)

Renamed APIs

Modified APIs

Removed APIs

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