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Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.2 Release Notes

Aspose.GIS for .NET has been launched

Aspose.GIS for .NET has been launched. It lets you work with popular ESRI ShapeFile and GeoJSON file formats. The uniform approach of API to process these file formats allows you to work without worrying about the underlying file formats used by these geospatial file formats. Key features supported by this API are as follow.

Working with ESRI ShapeFiles and GeoJSON File Formats

  • Single API for reading multiple Geographic file formats
  • Create ESRI Shape and GeoJSON File Formats
  • Read ESRI Shape File and GeoJSON files
  • Get features count from Shape File
  • Retrieve Attributes information from Shape File
  • Iterate over all features of a layer
  • Get values of feature attributes from a layer
  • Filter features by attribute value
  • Extract features from Shape file and export to GeoJSON format
  • Specify attribute value length
  • Check feature for null values
  • Convert polygon shape file to string shape file

Support for Working with Geometries

  • Work with a number of Geometries
  • Create Points and Multipoint geometry types
  • Generate Line and Line Strings with specified geographic information
  • Define Polygon and Multipolygon geometry shape
  • Create Polygons with holes
  • Get information of Geometry types
  • Count geometries in a geometry shape
  • Iterate over Points contained in Geometry

Conversion Between Formats

  • Inter-convert between ESRI shape and GeoJSON file format
  • Control Attributes information adjustment during conversion from GeoJSON to Shape File