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Aspose.Html for Java 17.10 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce that our JavaScript engine has been further improved and now it also supports jQuery library inside the document scripts. Currently it supports the version 1.9, but we are working hard to enhance it and increase the support till latest version.

Features and Improvements

HTMLJAVA-44NullPointerException in rendering htmlException
HTMLJAVA-50Windows-style path separator on non-Windows platformsBug

Public API changes

com.aspose.html.collections.HTMLCollection com.aspose.html.dom.Document.getElementsByClassName(String classNames)

com.aspose.html.collections.HTMLCollection com.aspose.html.dom.Element.getElementsByClassName(String classNames)

Usage Example




        <p>hello word1</p>

        <p class="test">hello word2</p>

        <p>hello word3</p>

        <p>hello word4</p>



HTMLDocument document = new HTMLDocument(“input.html”); HTMLCollection elements = document.getElementsByClassName(“test”); Element element = elements.get_Item(0); // //

hello word2