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Aspose.HTML for Java 19.8 Release Notes

Major Features

As regular monthly update process of all APIs being offered by Aspose, we are pleased to announce the second release of Aspose.HTML for Java. In this release, we have made some internal bug fixes.

Improvement and Changes

HTMLJAVA-251PDFNEWNET_38773 test works too long and some times hangsBug
HTMLJAVA-267Chaotic behavior of EPUB renderingBug
HTMLJAVA-271The Dictionary class don’t use IEquatable interfaceBug
HTMLJAVA-280Conversion hangs or throws an exceptionBug
HTMLJAVA-286The font is not applied in HTML renderingBug
HTMLJAVA-285Can’t load HTML file using stream while using path loads without any problemsBug
HTMLJAVA-292Different results for rendering the same documentBug