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Aspose.HTML for .NET 23.4

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  • 4/4/2023


It contains Aspose.HTML for .NET 23.4 release.

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WebP Image Format Support

The Aspose.HTML API for .NET now supports the WebP image format, which is a modern image format that offers better compression and image quality than other image formats, such as JPEG and PNG. This makes your C#, .NET Apps lightweight and easy on resources.

Public HTML API with Markdown Support

The Aspose.HTML API for .NET now enhanced support for the Markdown (MD) language, which is a lightweight markup language that is used to create formatted text. Developers can now use the Aspose.HTML API to convert Markdown documents to HTML, PDF, DOCX, XPS, Image (JPG, JPG using ImageSaveOptions, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF) formats.

The new addition in the API provides a comprehensive control over Markdown syntax, ensuring precise handling of link references in your .NET applications using the Aspose.HTML API.

This new feature allows the App developers to set the label, destination, and title of a link reference definition node.

Improved HTML parsing and rendering

The Aspose.HTML API for .NET has been optimized to improve the quality of HTML parsing and rendering. This can lead to more accurate and consistent results when converting HTML documents to other formats.

Improved URL to PDF Conversion Support

Fixed a bug that was causing a System.ArgumentException to be thrown when converting web URLs to PDF in some cases. This has been fixed and now no need to download website as a whole, rather the developers can get any website page in PDF format via URL to PDF conversion using API.

For a complete list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes in this release please visit, Aspose.HTML for .NET 23.4 Release Notes.