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Aspose.HTML for Python via .NET 24.6 Release Notes

As per the regular monthly update process of all APIs being offered by Aspose, we are honored to announce the June release of Aspose.HTML for Python via .NET.

In this release, we have updated the algorithm for detecting document encoding in accordance with the latest documentation. We have also fixed many problems with splitting, rendering and parsing HTML documents. In addition, improved processing of font naming tables has been implemented, which has significantly improved the quality of text rendering.

We are postponing changes to our public signatures related to improving Linux support and removing the use of System.Drawing.Common until release 24.8.0.

Improvements and Changes

HTMLNET-5479Some characters are replaced with “?”Bug
HTMLNET-4449Issue with Table rows missing/not continuing into the next page during HTML to PDF conversion when the table reaches the end of a pageBug
HTMLNET-5161HTML to image - Font-weight : 800 does not workInvestigation
HTMLNET-5543Issues converting HTML to JPGBug
HTMLNET-5563HTML to PDF: Data gets truncatedBug
HTMLNET-5528Wrong indentation when converting markdown to PDFBug
HTMLNET-5550Radio buttons are not disabled in PDF outputBug
HTMLNET-5298Adding closing tags when creating elementsBug