Aspose.Imaging for Java 2.6.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Imaging for Java has been updated to version 2.6.0 and we are pleased to announce it.

The following is a list of changes in this version of Aspose.Imaging (along with all relevant tickets from corresponding .Net versions):

New Features

IMAGING-34526 CAD to Raster Image Conversion IMAGING-34400 Java Resize Images Proportionally Enhancements IMAGING-34570 EmfPen incorrectly renders line width IMAGING-34564 com.aspose.imaging.internal.Exceptions.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range at Image.rotateFlip for PNG format IMAGING-34439 WmfMetafileImage throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Width (0) and height (0) cannot be IMAGING-34312 Aspose.Metafiles ignore brush pattern in raster opperations (EMR_STRETCHDIBITS record) IMAGING-34310 Aspose.Metafiles ignore logical brushes (EMR_CREATEBRUSHINDIRECT record) IMAGING-34309 Aspose.Metafiles ignores the text quality value (EMR_EXTCREATEFONTINDIRECTW record) IMAGING-34305 Aspose.Metafiles ignore logical brushes (EMR_CREATEBRUSHINDIRECT record) IMAGING-34239 Java Application hangs while resizing a small Gif Image IMAGING-34199 Java ImageLoadException: Image loading failed at loading a Multi-Page Tiff IMAGING-34191 Java ImageLoadException: Image loading failed. Aspose.Imaging cannot load a Tiff generated with Aspose.Words for Java IMAGING-34134 Java Conversion from PNG to JPEG renders the transparent area to black IMAGING-34122 JavaSetting the Brush Color does not seem to Take Effect when used to Draw String Exceptions IMAGING-34527 ImageSaveException: Image saving failed, while saving a Jpeg image to CCITT4 compressed TIFF with Dithering Usage examples: IMAGING-34526 CAD to Raster Image Conversion

Usage example:

 Image img = Image.load(file); { PdfOptions pdfOptions = new PdfOptions(); CadRasterizationOptions rasterizationOptions = new CadRasterizationOptions(); rasterizationOptions.setPageWidth(1000); rasterizationOptions.setPageHeight(800); ImageOptionsBase options = new PngOptions(); options.setVectorRasterizationOptions(rasterizationOptions); + "\\" + fileName + ".png", options); } IMAGING-34400 [Java] Resize Images Proportionally Usage example: Image image = Image.load(sourceFolder + "34400.jpg"); { RasterImage rasterImage = (RasterImage)image; // specifying width int newWidth = rasterImage.getWidth() / 2; rasterImage.resizeWidthProportionally(newWidth); // specifying height int newHeight = rasterImage.getHeight() / 3; rasterImage.resizeHeightProportionally(newHeight, ResizeType.LeftTopToLeftTop); + "34400.jpg"); }