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Aspose.Note for Java 2.5.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Note for Java is a class library that enables applications to interact with Microsoft Office OneNote programmatically without it being installed on the server. It is a pure alternate for the Microsoft OneNote Object Model and provides better performance and ease of use for managing OneNote documents.

Visit the documentation to learn how to Getting Started.

Features and Improvements

NOTEJAVA-187Implement saving document history to *.one format. New Feature
NOTEJAVA-188Add revision info to the document’s page type.New Feature
NOTENET-1934MD5 check error for OneNote 2016 format.Bug
NOTENET-1989Fix bug related to possible empty NotebookManagementEntityGuid in the PageSeries node.Bug
NOTENET-2051Last subpage is in incorrect position after opening and then saving document.Bug
NOTENET-2052Pages with subpages which we create cannot be collapsed by MS OneNote.Bug
NOTENET-2061Loading attached OneNote documents raise exception.Bug
NOTENET-2077Exception “An item with the same key has already been added” raised while loading the attached one note file.Bug
NOTENET-2079FileCorruptedException during parsing of sample file.Bug
NOTENET-2096Failure to generate output files if path is the same as execution folder.Bug
NOTENET-2098Inconsistent file names while exporting flattened notebook.Bug
NOTENET-2105Notebook’s structure is changed while saved with NotebookSaveOptions.Flatten.Bug
NOTENET-2131Incorrect pages in Page History.Bug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public classes were added:Description
com.aspose.note.PageHistory Represents the page history. 
com.aspose.note.RevisionSummary Represents a summary for the node’s revision. 
The following public methods and properties were added:Description
com.aspose.note.Image.getFilePath Gets the path to the image file. 
com.aspose.note.Page.getPageContentRevisionSummary Gets the revision summary for the page and it’s child nodes. 
com.aspose.note.Page.setPageContentRevisionSummary(com.aspose.note.RevisionSummary) Sets the revision summary for the page and it’s child nodes. 
com.aspose.note.Page.deepClone Clones the page. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.#ctor(com.aspose.note.Page) Initializes a new instance of the PageHistory class. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.getCurrent Gets the current page version. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.size Gets the count of the historical page versions (except the current page version) in the page history. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.isReadOnly Gets a value indicating whether the page history is read only. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.get_Item(int) Gets the page version at the specified index of the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.set_Item(int,com.aspose.note.Page) Sets the page version at the specified index of the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.iterator Returns an enumerator that iterates through child nodes of the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.containsItem(com.aspose.note.Page) Determines whether the page history contains the page version. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.indexOfItem(com.aspose.note.Page) Determines the index of a specific page version in the page history. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.addItem(com.aspose.note.Page) Adds the page version to the end of the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.addRange(com.aspose.note.system.collections.Generic.IGenericEnumerable Page)Adds the page versions to the end of the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.insertItem(int,com.aspose.note.Page) Inserts a page version into the page history. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.removeItem(com.aspose.note.Page) Removes the page version from the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.removeAt(int) Removes the page version at the specified index of the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.removeRange(int,int) Removes a range of the page versions from the PageHistory. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.clear Clears the page history. 
com.aspose.note.PageHistory.copyToTArray(com.aspose.note.Page[],int) Copies the page versions to an array, starting at a particular index. 
com.aspose.note.RevisionSummary.#ctor Initializes a new instance of the RevisionSummary class. 
com.aspose.note.RevisionSummary.getLastModifiedTime Gets the last modified time. 
com.aspose.note.RevisionSummary.setLastModifiedTime(java.util.Date) Sets the last modified time. 
com.aspose.note.RevisionSummary.getAuthorMostRecent Gets he most recent author. 
com.aspose.note.RevisionSummary.setAuthorMostRecent(java.lang.String) Sets the most recent author.