Aspose.Note for .NET 18.3 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Image’s compression in PDF
  • Evaluation’s mode restrictions are reworked

Features and Improvements

NOTENET-2254Add option to compress pictures while converting to PDF.New Feature
NOTENET-1991Make evaluation mode limitations more clearNew Feature
NOTENET-2266Information can’t be read from OneNote online file formatBug
NOTENET-2268Image.Extension property returns wrong value for gif imagesBug
NOTENET-2264Wrong page margin values are returnedBug
NOTENET-2241Large size PDF generated from one note file as compared to MS OneNoteBug
NOTENET-2337Crash while trying to clone Aspose.Note.Document page by pageBug
NOTENET-2540Ability to copy page from .one document to a new .one documentBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Public Types AddedDescription
Aspose.Note.DisplayUnitsConverterThe class contains the methods for converting values
Aspose.Note.Saving.Pdf.PdfImageCompressionSpecifies the type of compression applied to images in the PDF file
Public Methods and Properties addedDescription
Aspose.Note.DisplayUnitsConverter.PointToPixel(float, float)Converts points to pixels at the specified pixel resolution
Aspose.Note.DisplayUnitsConverter.PixelToPoint(int, float)Converts pixels to points at the specified pixel resolution
Aspose.Note.DisplayUnitsConverter.InchToPoint(float)Converts inches to points
Aspose.Note.DisplayUnitsConverter.PointToInch(float)Converts points to inches
Aspose.Note.DisplayUnitsConverter.MillimeterToInch(float)Converts millimeters to inches
Aspose.Note.DisplayUnitsConverter.MillimeterToPoint(float)Converts millimeters to points
Aspose.Note.Image.#ctor(Aspose.Note.Document,string,System.IO.Stream)Extension parameter is removed.
Aspose.Note.Image.FormatGets the image’s format
Aspose.Note.Page.Clone(bool)cloneHistory parameter is added.
Aspose.Note.Saving.PdfSaveOptions.ImageCompressionGets or sets the type of compression applied to images in the PDF file
Aspose.Note.Saving.PdfSaveOptions.JpegQualityGets or sets a value determining the quality of the JPEG images inside PDF document
Public constants and Enumerations AddedDescription
Aspose.Note.Saving.Pdf.PdfImageCompression.AutoAutomatically selects the most appropriate compression for each image
Aspose.Note.Saving.Pdf.PdfImageCompression.FlateJpeg compression. Does not support transparency
Aspose.Note.Saving.Pdf.PdfImageCompression.JpegFlate compression(lossless)
Public methods DeletedDescription
Aspose.Note.Image.#ctor(Aspose.Note.Document,string,string,System.IO.Stream)Extension parameter is removed.
Aspose.Note.Page.ClonecloneHistory parameter is added.