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Aspose.Note for .NET 18.5 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Per page saving in HTML format
  • Support of new license type: license for

Features and Improvements

NOTENET-2450Add per page saving mode to Aspose.HTMLNew Feature
NOTENET-2546Implement support of new license typeNew Feature
NOTENET-2396Exception raised while extracting images without applying licenseBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Public types addedDescription
Aspose.Note.Saving.Html.IPageSavingCallbackImplement this interface if you want to control how Aspose.Note saves separate pages.
Aspose.Note.Saving.Html.PageSavingArgsProvides data for PageSaving event.
Public methods and properties addedDescription
Aspose.Note.Saving.Html.IPageSavingCallback.PageSaving(Aspose.Note.Saving.Html.PageSavingArgs)Called when Aspose.Note saves a separate page.
Aspose.Note.Saving.Html.PageSavingArgs.PageIndexCurrent page index.
Aspose.Note.Saving.HtmlSaveOptions.DocumentPerPageGenerationGets or sets a value indicating whether document per page generation is enabled.
Aspose.Note.Saving.HtmlSaveOptions.CssPerPageGenerationGets or sets whether the StyleSheet file will be generated for each new page separately.
Aspose.Note.Saving.HtmlSaveOptions.PageSavingCallbackGets or sets the callback that is called to create resource to store page.