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Aspose.Note for .NET 20.11 Release Notes

Major Features

  • Save the document as a grayscale image
  • Save the document as a black and white image

Features and Improvements

NOTENET-3060Save the OneNote with color(Black & White,Greyscale and Color)New Feature
NOTENET-2953Remove TableCell.IndentPosition/TableCellNode.OutlineElementChildLevel from public apiEnhancement

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added:Description
Aspose.Note.Saving.BinarizationMethodSpecifies binarization method for an image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorModeThe color mode of the image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageBinarizationOptionsOptions for image’s binarization.
The following public properties were added:Description
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageBinarizationOptions.BinarizationThresholdGets or sets threshold value for fixed threshold binarization method.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageBinarizationOptions.BinarizationMethodGets or sets the binarization method.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageSaveOptions.ColorModeGets or sets color mode for the output image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ImageSaveOptions.BinarizationOptionsGets or sets options for image’s binarization.
The following static public constants were added:Description
Aspose.Note.Saving.BinarizationMethod.FixedThresholdThe image’s binarization is performed using specified fixed threshold.
Aspose.Note.Saving.BinarizationMethod.OtsuThe image’s binarization is performed adaptively using Otsu’s method to evaluate threshold.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorMode.NormalFull color image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorMode.GrayScaleGray scale image.
Aspose.Note.Saving.ColorMode.BlackAndWhiteBinary image: only black and white colors are used.
Aspose.Note.Saving.Pdf.PdfImageCompression.NoneNo compression is used when saving images.
The following public properties are removed:Description
Aspose.Note.TableCell.IndentPositionGets or sets the indent position.