Aspose.Note for .NET 22.7 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

NOTENET-2774Fix invalid background color for TableBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

The following public types were removed:Description
Aspose.Note.TaskTypeSpecifies the type of the note task node.
The following public methods were removed:Description
Aspose.Note.NoteTag.#ctorInitializes a new instance of the NoteTag class without icon.
Aspose.Note.NoteTask.#ctorInitializes a new instance of the NoteTask class with FollowUpTodayFlag icon.
The following public constants were removed:Description
Aspose.Note.TaskType.DueTodayDue today.
Aspose.Note.TaskType.DueTomorrowDue tomorrow.
Aspose.Note.TaskType.DueThisWeekDue this week.
Aspose.Note.TaskType.DueNextWeekDue next week.
Aspose.Note.TaskType.NoDueDateNo due date.
Aspose.Note.TaskType.DueOnCustomDateDue on a custom date.
The following public properties were removed:Description
Aspose.Note.NoteTask.TaskTypeGets or sets the task type.