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Aspose.OCR for C++ 23.2.0 - Release Notes

What was changed

OCRCPP-421Hindi language support.New feature
OCRCPP-422Saving recognition results in RTF format.New feature

Public API changes and backwards compatibility

This section lists all public API changes introduced in Aspose.OCR for C++ 23.2.0 that may affect the code of existing applications.

Added public APIs:

The following public APIs have been introduced in this release:

Hindi language support

Extract text in Hindi language by providing language::hin value in language_alphabet property of recognition settings.

Saving recognition results as RTF

Added the ability to save recognition results in an RTF document - a universal format for exchanging rich-text documents between different word processing programs.

Provide file_format::format_rtf value in save_format property of recognition settings.

Updated public APIs:

No changes.

Removed public APIs:

No changes.

Changes in application logic

This section lists any changes to the program architecture and algorithms introduced in Aspose.OCR for C++ 23.2.0 that may affect the behavior of existing applications.

Updated ONNX Runtime dependency

Aspose.OCR for C++ 23.2.0 uses ONNX Runtime version 1.12.1.

Usage examples

The examples below illustrates the changes introduced in this release:

Reading Hindi images

const std::string filePath = current_dir + "/hindi.jpg";
const size_t len = 4096;
wchar_t buffer[len] = { 0 };
RecognitionSettings settings;
settings.all_image = true;
settings.language_alphabet = language::hin;
size_t size = asposeocr_page_settings(filePath.c_str(), buffer, len, settings);
std::wcout << buffer;

Saving recognition results in RTF format

directory dir(".");
#ifdef _WIN32
string current_dir = dir.full_name() + "/";
string current_dir = dir.full_name() + "/";
const std::string filePath = current_dir + "/source.png";
RecognitionSettings settings;
settings.save_format = file_format::format_rtf;
asposeocr_page_save(filePath.c_str(), "test_res.rtf", settings);
ASSERT_TRUE(exists_test("test_res.rtf") == true);