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Aspose.OCR for Java 23.1.0 - Release Notes

What was changed

OCRJAVA-298Hindi language support.New feature
OCRJAVA-301Saving recognition results in RTF format.New feature
OCRJAVA-301Saving recognition results in HTML format.New feature
OCRJAVA-301Saving recognition results in EPUB format.New feature

Public API changes and backwards compatibility

This section lists all public API changes introduced in Aspose.OCR for Java 23.1.0 that may affect the code of existing applications.

Added public APIs:

The following public APIs have been introduced in this release:

Hindi language support

Extract text in Hindi language by providing Language.Hin value to setLanguage() method of recognition settings.

New file formats for recognition results

Added new file formats for saving recognition results:

ValueFile formatDescription
Format.HtmlHTMLWeb page.
Format.EpubePubPopular e-book file format.
Format.RtfRTFA universal format for exchanging text documents between different word processing programs.

Updated public APIs:

No changes.

Removed public APIs:

No changes.

Usage examples

The examples below illustrates the changes introduced in this release:

Reading Hindi images

AsposeOCR api = new AsposeOCR();
RecognitionSettings recognitionSettings = new RecognitionSettings();
RecognitionResult result = api.RecognizePage("source.png", recognitionSettings);
System.out.println("Recognition result:\n" + result.recognitionText + "\n\n");

Saving recognition results to ePUB

AsposeOCR api = new AsposeOCR();
ArrayList<RecognitionResult> results = api.RecognizeMultiplePages("", new RecognitionSettings());
api.SaveMultipageDocument("result.pdf", Format.Epub, results);