Aspose.OCR for .NET 21.11 - Release Notes

All Features

OCRNET-403Allow uploading user’s dictionary for spell-chekerEnhancement
OCRNET-438Add Metered license supportEnhancement
OCRNET-399Searchable PDF output (with original text structure): input - imageEnhancement
OCRNET-394Multipage output (DOCX, PDF)Enhancement


  • added ability to upload customer dictionaries for spell-check correction
  • added metered license support
  • added ability to get multipage PDF or DOCX document as a result of image or PDF file recognition
  • added ability to get Searchable PDF with original text structure

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes


  • added static method in AsposeOcr class –void SaveMultipageDocument(string fullFileName, SaveFormat saveFormat, List results);
  • added public class Metered and method –void SetMeteredKey(string publicKey, string privateKey);
  • added optional parameter to all methods for spell-check correction: string dictionaryPath –string CorrectSpelling(string text, SpellCheckLanguage language = SpellCheckLanguage.Eng, string dictionaryPath = null) –List GetSpellCheckErrorList(SpellCheckLanguage language = SpellCheckLanguage.Eng, string dictionaryPath = null) –string GetSpellCheckCorrectedText(SpellCheckLanguage language = SpellCheckLanguage.Eng, string dictionaryPath = null)

Removed APIs

Will be deprecated

Usage Example

using Aspose.OCR;

namespace ProgramOCR
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Get API
            AsposeOcr api = new AsposeOcr();

            // Set metered license
            Metered metered = new Metered();
            metered.SetMeteredKey("public key", "private key");

            // recognize multipage PDF and save result as Searchable PDF with original structure
            List<RecognitionResult> result = api.RecognizePdf(@"test.pdf", new DocumentRecognitionSettings
                StartPage = 0,
                PagesNumber = 2

            AsposeOcr.SaveMultipageDocument("ocr_result.pdf", SaveFormat.Pdf, result);
            // use own dictionary for spell-check correction
            RecognitionResult res = api.RecognizeImage("img.png", new RecognitionSettings());
			string dictionaryPath = $"dictionary.txt";
			string corrected = res.GetSpellCheckCorrectedText(SpellCheckLanguage.Eng, dictionaryPath)