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Aspose.OCR for .NET 21.2 - Release Notes

All Features

OCRNET-304Implement spell-check featureEnhancement
OCRNET-322Add blacklist for recognition symbolsEnhancement


  • added spell-checking feature
  • added a list of misspelled words as a result of recognition with suggestions for corrections
  • added ability to set ignored symbols for recognition

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes


  • added property: IgnoredCharacters to the RecognitionSettings class
  • added method: string GetSpellCheckCorrectedText (SpellCheckLanguage language) to the RecognitionResult class
  • added method: string List GetSpellCheckErrorList(SpellCheckLanguage language) to the RecognitionResult class
  • added new API method: public string RecognizeImageFromUri(string uri)
  • added new API method: public string CorrectSpelling(string text, SpellCheckLanguage language = SpellCheckLanguage.En)
  • modified property: Skew->SkewAngle in the RecognitionSettings class
  • modified method: public void Save(string fullFileName, SaveFormat saveFormat, bool applySpellingCorrection = false, SpellCheckLanguage language = SpellCheckLanguage.En) in the RecognitionSettings class

Removed APIs

  • public string RecognizeImage(MemoryStream stream, Rectangle rect)
  • public string RecognizeImage(string fullPath, Rectangle rect)

Will be deprecated

Usage Example for spell-checking

using Aspose.OCR;

namespace ProgramOCR
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Get API
            AsposeOcr api = new AsposeOcr();

            // Create license
            License lic = new License();

            // Set license 

            // Get image for recognize
            string image = "D://img.png";

            // Recognize image           
            RecognitionResult result = api.RecognizeImage(image, new RecognitionSettings());

            // Get result

            // Get corrected result
            string correctedResult = result.GetSpellCheckCorrectedText(SpellCheckLanguage.En);

            //Get list of misspelled words with suggestions
            List<SpellCheckError> errorsList = result.GetSpellCheckErrorList(SpellCheckLanguage.En);
            foreach (var word in errorsList)

                foreach (var suggest in word.SuggestedWords)
                    Console.Write(suggest.Word + " ");

Usage Example for ignored characters


	// Initialize an instance of AsposeOcr
	AsposeOcr api = new AsposeOcr();

	// Recognize image
	RecognitionResult result = api.RecognizeImage(image, new RecognitionSettings
		IgnoredCharacters  = "ab1"
	// Display the recognized text

Usage Example for correct spelling


	// Initialize an instance of AsposeOcr
	AsposeOcr api = new AsposeOcr();

	// correct
	string result = api.CorrectSpelling("recoognition");
	// Display the corrected text