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Aspose.OMR for .NET 21.6 Release Notes

All Changes

OMRNET-168More design possibilities
OMRNET-179Add Paragraph element
OMRNET-180Add VerticalChoiceBox element
OMRNET-192Add Footer element

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

Added APIs:

PropertyAspose.OMR.Generation.GlobalPageSettings.PageMarginLeftLeft margin of the page on pixels

Updated APIs:

No Changes

Removed APIs:

No Changes

Usage Example for PageMarginLeft

using System;
using System.IO;
using Aspose.OMR;
using Aspose.OMR.Api;
using Aspose.OMR.Generation;
using Aspose.OMR.Model;

namespace ProgramOMR
    static void Main(string[] args)
        // Create license

        // Generate method

    private static void SetLicense()
        // Set license 
        License lic = new License();

    public static void Generate()
        // Get file for generate template
        string path = @"D:\ProgramOMR\Generation\Grid.txt";

        OmrEngine engine = new OmrEngine();

        string[] imagePaths = new string[2];
        imagePaths[0] = @"D:\ProgramOMR\Generation\logo1.jpg";
        imagePaths[1] = @"D:\ProgramOMR\Generation\logo2.png";

        GlobalPageSettings settings = new GlobalPageSettings
            PageMarginLeft = 130

        GenerationResult result = engine.GenerateTemplate(path, settings);
        result.Save(@"D:\ProgramOMR\Results", "letter");