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Aspose.OMR for .NET 22.7 Release Notes

What was changed

n/aFixed a line-height (leading) issue that caused adjacent lines with larger font sizes to overlap.Fix
OMRNET-353Added an alternative bubble type (square) for AnswerSheet, CustomAnswerSheet, Grid, CompositeGrid, and CheckBox elements.New feature
OMRNET-499Fixed a layout issue with Table (text markup / JSON markup) element when header text does not fit in one line.Fix
OMRNET-541Added human-readable enumerators for BarcodeType and BarcodeQRVersion properties of BarcodeConfig element.Enhancement
OMRNET-614Fixed the behavior of WriteIn element inside VerticalChoicebox element (text markup / JSON markup).
n/aFixed rendering issues for Container elements (text markup / JSON markup) that caused left and right margins to be different.Fix
n/aContainer (text markup / JSON markup) elements can now be nested within other container elements.Enhancement
n/aParagraphs (text markup / JSON markup) can now be placed at the top level of the form hierarchy, without wrapping them in block elements.Enhancement
n/aImproved rendering of EmptyLine (text markup / JSON markup) elements - now they handle vertical spacing between elements more accurately.Enhancement
n/aImproved page rendering:
  • Left and right margins are rendered with pixel precision according to PageMarginLeft and PageMarginRight page layout settings.
  • Elements cannot appear outside the page bounds unless they are placed there by specifying an absolute position.
  • Top-level elements are now perfectly aligned to the right margin of the page.
n/aImproved elements wrapping within paragraphs (text markup / JSON markup).Enhancement

Known issues and limitations

OMRNET-462Recognition of multi-page PDF and TIFF files causes an error.Scan each page of the filled form into a separate file and recognize them one-by-one.
OMRNET-555Recalculate method results in incorrect processing of ScoreGroup elements (text markup / JSON markup) and CustomAnswerSheet elements(text markup / JSON markup).Use RecognizeImage method with different threshold setting instead of run-time adjustments of recognition accuracy.

Public API changes and backwards compatibility

This section lists all public API changes introduced in Aspose.OMR for .NET 22.7 that may affect the code of existing applications.

Added public APIs:

No changes.

Updated public APIs:

The following public APIs has been updated in this release:

New bubble styles

Added a new bubble_type property for the following elements:

This property affects the design of the bubble and allows it to be displayed as either a circle (round) or a square (square). The recognition logic is unchanged, regardless of the display style.

BarcodeType enumerator

Added an enumerator that allows you to specify the type of programmatically generated barcode: Aspose.OMR.Generation.Config.Enums.BarcodeType.

The rendering of barcodes is not affected.

BarcodeQRVersion enumerator

Added an enumerator that allows you to specify the version of programmatically generated QR code: Aspose.OMR.Generation.Config.Enums.QRVersion.

The rendering of QR codes is not affected.


Added a new value for paragraph_type / type attribute: ImageWrap. This allows text to wrap around the image, acting as an alias for the existing value multiple.

For programmatically generated forms, the corresponding enumerator value is Aspose.OMR.Generation.Config.Enums.ParagraphTypeEnum.ImageWrap.

Removed public APIs:

No changes.

Changes in application logic

This section lists any changes to the program architecture and form processing algorithms introduced in Aspose.OMR for .NET 22.7 that may affect the behavior of existing applications.

Line height for texts

This release fixes a rendering issue that caused adjacent lines with larger font sizes to overlap. As a result, the leading may slightly increase, which may cause recognition pattern (.OMR) files generated with Aspose.OMR for .NET 22.7 to be incompatible with printable forms generated by earlier versions of the library.

New line height

General rendering improvements

The rendering algorithms have been significantly reworked to provide highly accurate form layout. The downside is that forms created with Aspose.OMR for .NET 22.7 are no longer compatible with earlier versions of the library. The overall design and layout of the form have not changed, but you may need to tweak the source code for the updated rendering engine:

  • If the form no longer fits the page width - try reducing the left or right margin in page layout settings.
  • If the form gets too tall with a lot of vertical spacing between content blocks, try removing unnecessary EmptyLine (text markup / [JSON markup]( json-markup/emptyline/)) elements.

Improved rendering

Usage examples

See the examples below to learn more about the changes introduced in this release:

New bubble styles


Round bubbles


Square bubbles