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Aspose.Page for C++ 23.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

New features are supported now:

  • unicode characters in PostScript file;
  • transparent images in texture patterns in PostScript files;
  • Compose Fonts (Type0) in “charpath” operators.

Some bugs were fixed:

  • Incorrect paint after “initclip” operator while converting text in Composite font;
  • “Minus”/“hyphen” is converted incorrectly;
  • Fix conversion of circle symbol (0x2021);
  • Fix conversion of “nbsp” symbol (0xa0);
  • Content are rendered outside the page after PS to PDF conversion;
  • PS file with two TTF and two CMAPs throws exception;
  • Convert XPS to PDF retain outline;

For more details, pelase visit Aspose.Page for .NET 23.3

You can consult Aspose.Page for C++ API Reference for documentation.