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Aspose.Page for .NET 19.6 Release Notes

We at Aspose are honoured to announce first version Aspose.Page for .NET 19.6. Aspose.Page is a solution for manipulating PDL formats. The first version of Aspose.Page can:

  • Create, edit and save XPS document
  • Convert XPS document to PDF and image
  • Convert PostScript (PS) and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files to PDF and image

XPS Features

  • Create and edit XPS document
  • Add or remove pages of XPS document
  • Work with canvases, paths and glyphs elements
  • Create vector graphics shapes (Path element) using a set of primitives (elliptical arcs, Bezier curve segments and straight line segments)
  • Create text strings (Glyphs element)
  • Group elements (Canvas element) to manipulate a group as a whole
  • Manipulate the appearance of graphics and text strings
  • Use brushes of different types including solid color brush, image brush, visual brush etc
  • Specify colors in different color spaces including sRGB, scRGB and any space based on ICC profile
  • Work with multiple documents inside an XPS document
  • Preserve print tickets in opened XPS document if any
  • Add default print tickets into new XPS document or an opened one if there’re no tickets in it
  • Perform cross-package operations, e.g. add/insert an element from another document (XPS package), assign a property value created in another document’s context, create elements/property values based on file resources created in another document’s context, add/insert a page from another document
  • Get a job/document/page print ticket object and link it to another job/document/page
  • Manipulate print tickets using the Print Schema model classes
  • Save XPS documents as raster images
  • Save XPS documents to PDF format
  • Manipulate hyperlinks associated with XPS elements
  • Save PDF to stream
  • Manipulate, save and convert XPS outline items

EPS Features

  • Supports PostScript language levels 1-3 with an exception of font types: Type2 (CFF), Type14 (Chameleon), Types 9, 10, 11, 32 (CID-Keyed)
  • Save as PDF
  • Save as raster image