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Aspose.Page for .NET 21.10 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

PAGENET-250Implement Stitching functionFeature
PAGENET-248Implement Sampled FunctionFeature
PAGENET-249Implement Exponential interpolation FunctionFeature
PAGENET-296Implement Axial Shading patternFeature
PAGENET-292Fix errors in resulting PDF documentBug
PAGENET-298Exception when opening particular EPS fileBug
PAGENET-300Fix clipping when clip path have two and more contours in EPS -> Image conversionBug
PAGENET-229Aspose.Page 20.11: Issue in converting a particular EPS file to PDFBug
PAGENET-301Converting Ps to Pdf produce blank documentBug
PAGENET-304Conversion from EPS to PDF produce blank outputBug

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