Aspose.PDF for C++ 22.10 Release Notes

Changes and Improvements

  1. The new version of Aspose.PDF for C++ has a codebase of Aspose.PDF for .Net 22.10.
  2. New ExplicitCast and AsCast methods are used instead of the obsolete DynamicCast, DynamicCast_noexcept, StaticCast and StaticCast_noexcept.

Minor fixes

  1. Reading documents performance is improved.
  2. Fixed a bug in XFA forms.

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

The DynamicCast, DynamicCast_noexcept, StaticCast, StaticCast_noexcept functions are now marked as deprecated and will be removed in the upcoming releases. The ExplicitCast and AsCast functions may be used instead of them.


  • Aspose::Pdf::Point3D::ToString
  • Aspose::Pdf::Text::TextSearchOptions::get_SearchInAnnotations
  • Aspose::Pdf::Text::TextSearchOptions::set_SearchInAnnotations

Complete details of API can be referenced from Aspose.PDF for C++ API Reference Guide.