Aspose.PDF for C++ 22.3 Release Notes

Changes and Improvements

  1. The new version of Aspose.PDF for C++ has a codebase of Aspose.PDF for .Net 22.3.
  2. The iterators provided by the IEnumerable class and the duck-typed collections were improved. The performance was raised for those implemented via the native C++ containers, and the assignment to the referenced element was supported where possible.
  3. The method overloads were added to numerous classes. These support ArrayView-typed parameters where only ArrayPtr was supported previously.
  4. The default messages of the exception classes were put in line with the .Net behavior. No language-specific messages are supported at the moment.

Backward Incompatible API Changes

  1. The iterator types of System::Collections::Generic::IEnumerable and duck typed-collections were completely reworked. This may alter some code.

Complete details of API can be referenced from Aspose.PDF for C++ API Reference Guide.