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Aspose.Pdf for Java 11.3.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to share a new version of Aspose.PDF for Java with following improvements:

New Features:

Controlling Z-Order of Rectangle Support Text with transparency

Fixed Bugs:

PDFNEWJAVA-35402PDF to TIFF - Tiff has incorrect page count in some TIFF viewersBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35057PDF to TIFF - TIFF contains 2 frames whereas source PDF is single pageBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-34749PCL to PDF - Special graphics characters are not being honoredBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-34638PCL to PDF: Throws Font exceptionBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-34826PCL to PDF - Exception during conversionBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-34946PCL to PDF - Throws IllegalStateExceptionBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-34756PCL to PDF - PCL Line Termination is ignoredBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-34964Html to PDF - conversion results into incorrect outputBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35348PDF to HTML - Exception doing conversion on Non-Windows OSBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35248PDF to TIFF - An extra blank page is rendered in outputBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-34717PDF to TIFF: TIFF shows different number of pages in different Image viewersBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35364Exception while generating PDF documentBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35295Exception during PDF creationBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35350Merging large PDF files throw OutOfMemoryError exceptionBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35528Multi-threaded PDF to PDFA conversion is not working in 11.2.0Bugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35512PDF to PDFA3a: background color changed to blueBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35205PDF to PDFA conversion results a black PDFBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35511PDF to PDFA3a: compliance issue - Document contains JavaScriptsBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35366Loading corrupt file with Aspose.PDF casuses infinite loopBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35561License is not being initializedBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35047PDF to JPEG - OutOfMemoryError is being generatedBugs
PDFNEWJAVA-35286save() throws out of memory when data overlaps on the footer areaBugs