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Aspose.Pdf for Java 11.5.0 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

PDFNEWJAVA-34296Get warnings for font substitutionNew Feature
PDFNEWJAVA-35794Implement EMF deviceNew Feature
PDFNEWJAVA-35689HTML to PDF - escape HTML tags and special charactersNew Feature
PDFNEWJAVA-35503Use default font when specific font from document is missing over systemEnhancement
PDFNEWJAVA-33308FO float to PDFEnhancement
PDFNEWJAVA-34454PDF to HTML: NullPointerExceptionException
PDFNEWJAVA-35359PDF to PDFA: conversion of scanned PDF to PDFA throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionException
PDFNEWJAVA-34454PDF to HTML: NullPointerExceptionException
PDFNEWJAVA-35687Performance issue while importing XML in PDF formBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35685PDF to PDFA conversion issue(Linux)Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35434HTML to PDF conversion on UNIX results in “Too many open files” issueBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35395Non-Searchable to Searchable PDF conversion issueBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35389Locking all threads on Solaris serverBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35645PDF to PDF/A_2b - Resultant file is not compliantBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35599Creating searchable PDF using TesseractOCR via JNABug
PDFNEWJAVA-35431Searchable PDF overlay issue with Aspose.PDF and TesseractBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35101PDF to HTML - Background watermark text appears on top of HeadingBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35425PDF to HTML: characters alignment issuesBug
PDFNEWJAVA-34823PDF to HTML: Text is being positioned incorrect in header part of HTMLBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35387Not all fields become flattened in DOM aproachBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35495PDF to HTML: text is missing in resultant HTMLBug
PDFNEWJAVA-34380Error when using API in trial over Windows 8.1Bug
PDFNEWJAVA-35492PDF to HTML - Text misplaced after converting to htmlBug
PDFNEWJAVA-35300Html to PDF conversion is making the url lowercaseBug
PDFNEWJAVA-34901EPUB to Image: Output image is emptyBug
PDFNEWJAVA-34662PDF to HTML: Some symbols are not rendered in Chrome browserBug

Public API Changes

Added new com.aspose.pdf.PdfEvent class with methods:

  • public final void add(T delegate)
  • public final void remove(T delegate)
  • public final void clear()
  • public boolean isEmpty()
  • public final void assign(T delegate)

Added new com.aspose.pdf.ImageFilterType enum class with values:

  • public static final int Jpeg2000 = 0;
  • public static final int Jpeg = 1;

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.BaseParagraph: moved:

  • public boolean isFootNoteParagraph()
  • public void setFootNoteParagraph(boolean value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Heading: changed method:

  • public void setUserLabel(String value) -> public void setUserLabel(TextSegment value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.EpubLoadOptions: added field:

  • PageSizeAdjustmentModes */int PageSizeAdjustmentMode

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.CompositingParameters: added constructor:

  • public CompositingParameters(/* BlendMode /int blendMode, / ImageFilterType */int filterType) added method:
  • public /* ImageFilterType */int getFilterType()

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Field: added methods:

  • public int getTabOrder()
  • public void setTabOrder(int value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Font: added methods:

  • public boolean doesFontContainAllCharacters(String value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.HtmlSaveOptions: added field:

  • public /* FontEncodingRules */byte FontEncodingStrategy;

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Resources: added method:

  • public FontCollection getFonts(boolean createIfAbsent)