Aspose.Pdf for Java 17.9 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

PDFJAVA-36564JPG to PDF increased PDF file sizeBug
PDFJAVA-37076Significant performance decrease issue regarding memory usage and time consumption.Bug
PDFJAVA-35731XPS to PDF: performance issueBug
PDFJAVA-35944PDF to HTML: some text become smallerBug
PDFJAVA-36840Using CallBackGetHocr results with blank imageBug
PDFJAVA-36821API is throwing java.awt.HeadlessException Exception at Document loadBug
PDFJAVA-37106PDF to DOCX - incorrect rendering of the Hebrew textBug
PDFJAVA-37084Evaluation mark is being added in output while using valid licenseBug
PDFJAVA-36710PDF to PDF/A - compliance error: Real value out of rangeBug
PDFJAVA-36268TIFF to PDF - Image is darker in shadeBug

Public API Changes in Aspose.PDF for Java 17.9

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Collection:

Added method: public String getDefaultEntry()

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Document:

Added method: public boolean check(boolean doRepair)

Changes in interface com.aspose.pdf.IDocument:

Added method: public boolean check(boolean doRepair);

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.DocumentFactory:

Added methods: public Document createDocument() public Document createDocument(InputStream input) public Document createDocument(InputStream input, String password) public Document createDocument(String fileName)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.EmbeddedFileCollection:

Added methods: public void add(String key, FileSpecification file) public void deleteByKey(String key)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.HtmlSaveOptions:

Added methods: public int getImageResolution() public void setImageResolution(int value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.PdfFormatConversionOptions:

Added methods: public String getIccProfileFileName() public void setIccProfileFileName(String value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.PptxSaveOptions:

Added methods: public boolean getSlidesAsImages() public void setSlidesAsImages(boolean value) public boolean getSeparateImages() public void setSeparateImages(boolean value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.RenderingOptions:

Added methods: public boolean getScaleImagesToFitPageWidth() public void setScaleImagesToFitPageWidth(boolean value) public boolean getInterpolationHighQuality() public void setInterpolationHighQuality(boolean value)

Changes in class com.aspose.pdf.Table:

Removed internal methods from public api: com.aspose.pdf.Table.getParentTable com.aspose.pdf.Table.setParentTable(Table)