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Aspose.PDF for Java 19.10 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

PDFJAVA-33163Converting Searchable PDF to XPS (Keeping Text Selectable in resultant XPS) New Feature
PDFJAVA-34842Support PDF/UA formatNew Feature
PDFJAVA-38309Hide the spanned cell border if broken to another row EnhancementsNew Feature
PDFJAVA-38884Set export value of CheckboxEnhancement
PDFJAVA-38943Footers are missing after adding headers/footers to a document with mixed orientationEnhancement
PDFJAVA-38410PDF to DOCX - Text is shifted upwardsBug
PDFJAVA-38411PDF to DOCX - Text is shifted to leftBug
PDFJAVA-38916Exception on getModDate()Bug
PDFJAVA-38823Initializing the licence takes 3-4 minutesBug
PDFJAVA-38824The java pdf license in Google Append Engine (GAE Flex) is very slowBug
PDFJAVA-38361Exception when saving PCL into HTMLBug
PDFJAVA-38437The text substitution doesn’t work correctly.Bug
PDFJAVA-38338The contact field in the signature rectangle is missingBug
PDFJAVA-38736HTML to PDF no longer supports images embedded in HTMLBug
PDFJAVA-36865Memory consumption issues whenBug
PDFJAVA-37810The HTML fragment looks different regarding the original HTML fileBug
PDFJAVA-37909 Merging PDF Documents - issue with radio buttons in outputBug
PDFJAVA-38911IllegalStateException while extracting textBug
PDFJAVA-38739ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during PDF to DOCXBug
PDFJAVA-38398The margins are not preserved in DOCX outputBug
PDFJAVA-38740Very slow license loadingBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

Removed Methods

  • com.aspose.pdf.HtmlLoadOptions.isPdfUaConverting()
  • com.aspose.pdf.HtmlLoadOptions.setPdfUaConverting(boolean)

New Methods

  • com.aspose.pdf.License.isInternalFIPSSecurity()
  • com.aspose.pdf.License.setInternalFIPSSecurity(boolean)
  • com.aspose.pdf.MhtLoadOptions.getPageInfo()
  • com.aspose.pdf.RenderingOptions.getOptimizeDimensions()
  • com.aspose.pdf.RenderingOptions.setOptimizeDimensions(boolean)

New constructors for class TextFragmentAbsorber

  • com.aspose.pdf.TextFragmentAbsorber:TextFragmentAbsorber(java.util.regex.Pattern)
  • TextFragmentAbsorber(java.util.regex.Pattern,TextSearchOptions)
  • TextFragmentAbsorber(java.util.regex.Pattern,TextEditOptions)

Added new option in class com.aspose.pdf.SvgSaveOptions

  • public boolean ScaleToPixels = true;