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Aspose.PDF for Java 20.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

PDFJAVA-39126PDFJAVA-39126 Add Markdown Documentation File (*.md) file format supportNew Feature
PDFJAVA-39247Track the progress of converting a PDF to PowerPoint presentationNew Feature
PDFJAVA-38605Improve API reference descriptionEnhancement
PDFJAVA-39154PDF to JPG - Fonts are not rendered correctly in output JPGBug
PDFJAVA-37884TIFF to PDF - output PDF has image with wrong color patternBug

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

New Feature - PDFJAVA-39126 Add Markdown Documentation File (*.md) file format support

  • Implemented support for loading MD format:
  • Added constant: com.aspose.pdf.LoadFormat#MD
  • Added class: com.aspose.pdf.MdLoadOptions


 Document doc = new_Document("", new MdLoadOptions());"outFileName.pdf");

New Feature - PDFJAVA-39247 Track the progress of converting a PDF to PowerPoint presentation

  • Added method: com.aspose.pdf.PptxSaveOptions#setCustomProgressHandler.


 PptxSaveOptions saveOptions = new PptxSaveOptions();

saveOptions.setCustomProgressHandler( new UnifiedSaveOptions.ConversionProgressEventHandler() {


public void invoke(UnifiedSaveOptions.ProgressEventHandlerInfo eventInfo) {

//example how to handle progress events:

                    System.out.println(ProgressEventType.getName(ProgressEventType.class,eventInfo.EventType) +

                "\t" +eventInfo.Value + " from: \t" +eventInfo.MaxValue);



Document doc = new Document(inFile);, saveOptions);

Public API Changes

New Classes Added

  • com.aspose.pdf.CustomExplicitDestination
  • com.aspose.pdf.MdLoadOptions

Added New Field

  • com.aspose.pdf.LoadFormat.MD

Added New Methods

  • com.aspose.pdf.PclLoadOptions.getBatchSize()
  • com.aspose.pdf.PclLoadOptions.setBatchSize(int)
  • com.aspose.pdf.PptxSaveOptions.getCustomProgressHandler()
  • com.aspose.pdf.PptxSaveOptions.setCustomProgressHandler(ConversionProgressEventHandler)

Field Name Renamed

  • com.aspose.pdf.ProgressEventType.SourcePageAnalized -> com.aspose.pdf.ProgressEventType.SourcePageAnalysed