Aspose.PDF for Java 22.10 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

PDFJAVA-42148API is taking longer to generate PNG from PDFEnhancement
PDFJAVA-41976Watermark not applied correctlyBug
PDFJAVA-41957Converting a PDF results in strange Arabic fontBug
PDFJAVA-42088PDF to DOCX: Page top margin is absentBug
PDFJAVA-42048PDF to XLSX : Cells at last row are shifted leftBug
PDFJAVA-42119PDF to Excel: Cell border is absentBug
PDFJAVA-42123PDF to DOCX: The output file is corruptBug
PDFJAVA-42092PDF to DOCX: Page left margin is absentBug
PDFJAVA-42098PDF to DOCX - Text alignment is not correctBug
PDFJAVA-42087PDF to Excel: Table header moves leftBug
PDFJAVA-42086PDF to Excel: Cells in total row are shiftedBug
PDFJAVA-39472java.lang.IllegalStateException occurs while importing annotations from xfdfBug
PDFJAVA-42047PDF to XLSX : Columns are merged togetherBug
PDFJAVA-42033PDF to Excel: Remove legacy engine from Flow libraryBug
PDFJAVA-40644PDF to XLSX, layout issuesBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

Added new inner class:

  • com.aspose.pdf.PdfFormatConversionOptions.PdfANonSpecificationFlags

Added new class:

  • com.aspose.pdf.tagged.logicalstructure.elements.FigureElement

Added new methods:

  • com.aspose.pdf.Point3D.toString()
  • com.aspose.pdf.TextSearchOptions.isSearchInAnnotations()
  • com.aspose.pdf.TextSearchOptions.setSearchInAnnotations(boolean)

Method was renamed:

  • com.aspose.pdf.SignatureCustomAppearance.getUseDigitalSubjectFormat() -> com.aspose.pdf.SignatureCustomAppearance.isUseDigitalSubjectFormat()