Aspose.PDF for Java 22.6 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

PDFJAVA-41680Integrate the last version of Bouncy CastleEnhancement
PDFJAVA-41666Export excel column cell format as numeric instead of textEnhancement
PDFJAVA-41654PDF to Excel: Some texts are shiftedBug
PDFJAVA-35504PDF to DOCX: a blank page is being added in resultant DOCX fileBug
PDFJAVA-36358getPageIndex throws internal exceptionBug
PDFJAVA-36928The radio buttons get corrupted when flattening PDFBug
PDFJAVA-41704After repeated converting PDF to TIFF text is lostBug
PDFJAVA-41706Different image quality when running from dockerBug
PDFJAVA-41016The .Save() method hangs when merging multiple PDF files if a OptimizationOptions are includedBug
PDFJAVA-40817Mixed English and Arabic text in font problemBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following methods became deprecated

  • com.aspose.pdf.facades.PdfFileEditor.getAllowConcatenateExceptions()
  • com.aspose.pdf.facades.PdfFileEditor.setAllowConcatenateExceptions(boolean)

Method was removed:

  • com.aspose.pdf.facades.PdfFileEditor.getLastException()