Aspose.PDF for Java 23.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Changes

PDFJAVA-42498PDF to Word: Color of numbered marks are not preservedEnhancement
PDFJAVA-42510PDF to Word: Root item of numbered list is not recognizedBug
PDFJAVA-42509PDF to Word: Bullet marks are bigger than should beBug
PDFJAVA-42505Font size of numbered list’s marks is bigger than should beBug
PDFJAVA-42501PDF to Word: Some numbered items are not recognizedBug
PDFJAVA-42181PDF to Excel: Row heights are incorrectBug
PDFJAVA-42605PDF to DOCX: Extra line appearsBug
PDFJAVA-42579PDF to DOCX: No distance between image and textBug
PDFJAVA-42578PDF to Excel: Text alignments are incorrectBug
PDFJAVA-42577PDF to DOCX: Text lines are merged togetherBug
PDFJAVA-42471PDF to DOCX: Numbered list Item is not recognizedBug
PDFJAVA-42486PDF to DOCX: NullPointerExceptionBug
PDFJAVA-42484PDF to DOCX: Recognize start position of the numbered listsBug
PDFJAVA-42472PDF to DOCX: Implement saving custom styles of numbered listsBug
PDFJAVA-42464Save recognized single-leveled numbered lists into DOCX formatBug
PDFJAVA-42546Adding watermark to the PDF throws FontNotFoundException on LinuxBug
PDFJAVA-41705Some redactions applied partiallyBug
PDFJAVA-42468Error loading Html file.Bug
PDFJAVA-42442PDF to TIFF: Conversion slower compared to .NETBug
PDFJAVA-42482Aspose pdf java library failed to extract signature on Linux only with invalid PFX version errorBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

Added new methods

  • com.aspose.pdf.TocInfo.getCopyToOutlines()
  • com.aspose.pdf.TocInfo.setCopyToOutlines(boolean)