Aspose.PDF for .Net New Release Release Notes


In this release, XML meta data is supported when creating PDF.Metadata is any data that helps to describe the content or characteristics of a file.By providing a standard, W3C-compliant way of tagging files with metadata across products from Adobe and other vendors, XMP is a powerful solution enabler. Some new features like rich formatting list labels and Non-breaking space are also supported in this release. HTML and Word conversion is improved in this release.

What’s New?

  • 3514
  • Embedded ImageData as Base64 string is supported in XML
  • 3420
  • Non-breaking space. Non-breaking space is supported by new symbol #$NBS.
  • 3281
  • Importing data from ASP.NET control DataGrid. A new mothed ImportDataGrid is added into Table class.
  • 3234, 3168
  • New graph features
  • 3282
  • XMP MetaData
  • 3130,3142 - Rich formatting list labels 

What’s Improved?


  • 3656 - Support cell width with % 
  • 3597 - Support timeout value for BindHTMLFromUrl
  • 3315 - HTML2PDF - table border and column width
  • 3366 - Support Text mixed with Table in Inline Html