Aspose.PDF .NET New Release Release Notes

Aspose.PDF version includes all the features provided in Hotfix 2.1.x while the following is a quick list:

\1) added: support for .NET framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.

\2) added: support for restarting page number at section level. Refer to


\3) added: support for controling column display. Refer to


\4) added: support for fixed row height.

\5) added: support for controling the usuage of core font.

\6) added: support for restrating page number. Refer to

\7) added: support for custom tab stop position. Refer to


\8) Improved: HTML2PDF. Refer to


\9) Improved: Word2Pdf.

\10) fixed: Some bugs in Word2Pdf.

\11) fixed: bug about text rotation. Refer to


\12) fixed: text margin bug.

\13) fixed: A bug about Hyperlink (when the first segment of the Hyperlink’s target paragraph is “#$NP”, invalid pdf will be generated)