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Aspose.PDF .NET New Release Release Notes

Aspose.PDF for .NET version includes all the features provided in Hotfix 2.4.x while the following is a quick list:

\1) Added: Support for image reuse. Please refer to .

\2) improved: Processing for GIF and PNG. The pdf file size is greatly reduced.

\3) Improved: Image processing in FO2PDF. The speed of image processing in FO2Pdf is greatly improved.

\4) Fixed: Table.IsFirstRowRepeated Bug. Refer to


\5) Fixed: Nested bullet points bug. Refer to


\6) Fixed: Bug about text indent.

\7) Fixed: Space mising bug. Please refer to


\8) Fixed: UNC path bug .

\9) Fixed: Image with relative URL bug in FO2Pdf. Refer to