Aspose.PDF .NET New Release Release Notes

Aspose.PDF for .NET version includes all the features provided in Hotfix 2.5.x while the following is a quick list:

\1) Performance optimized. The new version is 10~40% faster than 2.5.3, especially for word to pdf conversion. Two new properties is added to improve the performace for unicode: Pdf., Pdf..

\2) Added: a new method  Refer to .

\3) Added: support for paragraph Justification while converting word to PDF (Justify and full justify still can’t work for multiple sements text. But at most cases, the text with justify alignment is single-segment text which is supported.). Please refer to .

\4) Improved: Table. and Table.. Nested table is accounted. Refer to .

\5) Fixed: intention bug. Refer to .

\6) Fixed: CCITT fax image bug. Refer to

\7) Fixed: Word to PDF bullet problem. Refer to .