Aspose.PDF .NET New Release Release Notes

In this release:

\1) FloatingBox is supported. A new class  is added. FloatingBox represents a area that contains one or more paragraphs. The position of the FloatingBox can be set by user on horizontal and vertical direction. Please refer to the API document and WIKI for more info. 2) HTML support in text paragraph is improved. Superscript and subscript is supported. HTML text in XML document is also supported. 3) Adjusting table width automatically when the child table is too large is supported. 4) Setting table’s column width by percentage of available width is supported. Column width can be set like: table.ColumnWidths=“30% 70%".  5) Deleting images that are not displayed in Word2Pdf is supported.

Main bugs fixed: 1) List indent bug when the default tab stop position is set to 0. 2) Row.IsNewPage bug. 3) PNG image size bug. 4) fo:basic-link bug.