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Aspose.Pdf .Net New Release Release Notes

Aspose.PDF for .NET version includes all the features provided in Hotfix 3.1.x while the following is a quick list:

Features added or improved:1) Decimal tabstop is supported;2) Truetype font is supported in XSL-FO2PDF;3) Table.RepeatingRows is supported;4) System.Drawing.Image is supported;5) URL image without image type is supported;6) In XSL-FO2PDF, added support for border style properties other than the value of “solid"7) xml:lang is supported in XML;8) Word2Pdf feature is improved;9) Ashx is supported in HTML2Pdf. Refer to ;10) Auto sizing of inline form filed is supported.  

Main bug fixed:1) Closed stream bug in XSL-FO2PDF;2) Infinite loop bug for table;3) Right-aligned tabstop bug;4) table rendering bugs;5) PNG image performance bug;6) Alignment for multi-segment text bug;

Note:1) We will provide MSI only since this release. Customer should first uninstall the old version and then install the new version.2) A dll that compiled under .NET 2.0 is included (in bin\net2.0). Customers that using 64-bit windows should use this dll.