Aspose.Pdf .Net Hot Fix Release Notes

In this hotfix:

  1. In XSL-FO2PDF,   keep-together=“always” is supported in block and block-container.
  2. In XSL-FO2PDF,  performace is improved for truetype font.
  3. In XSL-FO2PDF,  two bugs in block-container are fixed. <1> When the subelement can’t be output completely, the subelement will be ignored. <2> If block-container is used outside of  flow and block-container, exception will be thrown.
  4. In XSL-FO2PDF, a bug on  pagesequenceis fixed.
  5. A new property TdTextMargin is added into HtmlInfo.
  6. New classes DocumentAttachment and DocumentAttachments are added to support attachment at document level. 1. A new property IsAllFramesInNewPage in ImageInfo class.
  7. A table broken bug fixed.
  8. Text Justification bugs fixed. Refer to and .