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Aspose.PDF .NET Hot Fix Release Notes

What’s New?

  • Section page number symbol(PDFNET-3195): We have supported new symbols: $Sp:    the page number in the current section; $SP:    the page count of the current section; $SN:    the section index of the section in the document

Refer to and about symbols.

Borders for Graph and Image (PDFNET-3205)

What’s Improved?

  • Text rotating (PDFNET-3251)

What’s Fixed?

Word2Pdf - Second section starts from new page in PDF where it should start on the same(PDFNET-3127): Refer to

Word2Pdf - inline image not displayed when the size is too large (PDFNET-3276): Refer to

Table cells too wide when using rowspan in XSL-FO (PDFNET-3277): Refer to

Problem with Text Justification when converting from Word to PDF(PDFNET-3298): Refer to

Error: Invalid index in Segments indexer: 2 (PDFNET-3260): Refer to

Word to PDF the footnotes aren’t correctly display (PDFNET-3187): Refer to

FootNote in table is not supported well (PDFNET-3247): Refer to