Aspose.PDF for .Net New Release Release Notes


We have not published new release of this product for half a year. During this time, we pay our main attention on improving the quality of the product. In this new release, the quality is greatly improved and many bugs are fixed.

Some New features are added in this release. Bookmark at specific points is supported. Custom action for bookmark and link is supported. In XSL-FO2PDF, EMF and WMF image is supported. Security setting is also supported in XSL-FO2PDF.

What’s New?

  • 5009 - Bookmarks at specific points 5174 - Custom action for bookmark 5010 - Custom action for link 4743 - EMF and WMF support in FO2PDF 4730 - security setting in xsl-fo Multi-Line Text Field is supported Canvas is supported

What’s Fixed?

  • 5301 - Images not rendering in PDF when using memory stream 5218 - Icons not properly aligned in table cell 5240 - Using bullets in Right-to-Left lauguages 4902 - PNG transparency problem 4588 - IsKeptWithNext does not work 4923 - non-breaking-space is broken 4645 - Web Image in XML document does not work  4792 - TIFF to PDF Conversion Issue 4840 - The footnote wraps over into the middle of the page 4623 - Objects within drawing canvas Overlaps text while converting from DOC to PDF 4549 - Problem converting from XLS to PDF 4434 - Arabic text not getting displayed 4846 - Unwanted footer and rotation text 4507 - Cannot convert excel spreadsheet to PDF 4018 - Support timeout setting for Url image  4516 - PDF conversion into stream taking a very long time 4177 - Support ParagraphRelative position type for cells